Feldsteinco LLC

Philanthropic Fundraising


"Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done." - Peter Drucker

As a unique advisory firm, we help our clients align their financial resources with their strategic plans and aspirations by establishing and achieving clear, ambitious, and actionable financial development targets. As Pareto observed, “20% of invested input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained.” Our value added is based on a distinct comparative advantage centered around our Action Logic, strategic insights and capabilities, focus on implementation and marketing approach to fundraising.


  • Maximizing Donor Lifetime Value (DLV)

  • Capital campaigns and grand strategy

  • Building projects

  • Endowment growth through new gifts

  • Programmatic growth

  • One-to-one specific solicitation strategies

  • Leadership Action Logics

  • Strategic public relations

  • Staff development/mentoring

  • Development/campaign budgeting

  • Institutional culture transformations

  • Board development

  • Governance

  • Thinking as leaders think

  • Fundraising processes

  • Strategic planning-based fundraising

  • Institutional branding and positioning

  • Donor engagement processes

  • Donor loyalty: we help you develop donors who are your happy promoters

  • Donor recognition products

  • Institutional branding and positioning

  • “Associational Marketing”

  • Major paradigm shifts

  • Content Marketing

  • Prospective contributor research

  • Private/public partnerships

  • Public relations strategies

  • Issues constraining the fundraising process

  • Constituent engagement through Internet strategies

  • Strategic communications and marketing presentations

  • Database marketing/relationship building

  • Creation of new donor networks

  • Energizing fundraising thinking and action

  • Leadership/team building and collaboration

  • Operational efficiencies and staff organization

  • Trend leveraging/issues research

  • Benchmarking/metrics

  • Financial analysis


Fund-raising 5.0 uses advanced ideas and strategic knowledge beyond the static methods of earlier eras. It has become clear that fund-raising success is largely explained by the interplay of just 7 things. Laser-like focus on these 7 things has an enormous impact on future success and progress. 

Feldsteinco LLC has created a new programme organized around helping you snowball the growth of new endowments - A common sense approach to raising significantly more endowment money.