Feldsteinco LLC

A results-obsessed fund-raising company helping clients raise dramatically more money and maximize Donor Lifetime Value



We are 21st century consultants in management, specializing in fund-raising and public relations.  We provide a wide range of clients in the United States and Europe with the custom services they really need.

Because we are not formulaic, we can  offer big ideas to help our clients solve their most pressing fund-raising problems.

Because we are collaborators and thought partners, we are able to provide strategy, structure and granularity.

In contrast to our competitors, we provide only the most experienced and engaged talent.  In our management consulting practice, we are implementing Peter Drucker’s basic insight that “plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

Jim Feldstein is recognized as one of the leading and most distinctive consultants in the field.



As a unique advisory firm, we help our clients align their financial resources with their strategic plans and aspirations by establishing and achieving clear, ambitious, and actionable financial development targets. As Pareto observed, “20% of invested input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained.” Our value added is based on a distinct comparative advantage centered around our Action Logic, strategic insights and capabilities, focus on implementation and marketing approach to fundraising.


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